Illinois' Same-Sex Marriage Law Takes Effect June 1

May 29, 2014

Same-sex couples in Illinois will be able to get married starting this weekend.   A new state law takes effect.

Several counties in the state have already begun issuing marriage licenses, whereas some others will start on Friday to accommodate weekend ceremonies.

Civil Union supporters gather on the DeKalb County Courthouse steps during a 2011 rally.
Credit Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Mitch Locin -- with Equality Illinois, a gay-rights advocacy group -- says even though licenses were already available in some counties, June 1 is still an important day for Illinois.

"It is the first time that the entire state--all 102 counties--will be covered by all the provisions of the Illinois marriage act that allows the recognition of the love and commitment of same-sex couples and their families."

Locin says couples should check with their local county clerks to see when they will start issuing same-sex marriage licenses.  Since the law takes effect on Sunday, many clerks won’t begin the process until a day later.