Illinois Senate Gets Behind Convention Movement

Apr 14, 2014

State Senator William Delgado

The Illinois Senate has joined a push for a national constitutional convention. Organizers say they want to change the way political campaigns are financed.

The last time there was a Constitutional Convention, it was presided over by George Washington.
Another one could be called either by Congress, or by two-thirds of state legislatures.

State Sen. Willie Delgado, a Democrat from Chicago, says Illinois can "lead the movement to save democracy in America."

“We need to amend this Constitution so we can reverse the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United. That ruling gave corporations personhood and led to the creation of Super PACs, no only in Illinois, but throughout the nation," Delgado said.

This effort was launched at Occupy Wall Street in 2011. Supporters say the Illinois Senate is just the third legislative body to approve the measure, and it now goes to the  House.

To succeed, 34 state legislatures would have to pass similar resolutions.