Illinois Statehouse Races: Much At Stake

Oct 24, 2014

Chris Mooney directs the Institute of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois. He says the main issue that should face the next General Assembly is the budget.

Chicago Tribune: General Assembly Candidate Questionnaires

Mike Jacobs is a Democrat who was appointed to the Senate in 2005. Challenger Neil Anderson is a Quad-Cities area firefighter who supports term limits.

In the 50th House District, Republican Keith Wheeler faces former Yorkville Mayor Valerie Burd, a Democrat. The winner succeeds retiring lawmaker Kay Hatcher.

In the 52nd House District, Republican incumbent David McSweeney faces Democrat Bill Downs.

In the 63rd House District, incumbent Democrat Jack Franks, who has served since 1999 faces challenger Steve Reick, a tax attorney.

In the 64th House District, incumbent Republican Barbara Wheeler faces Democrat Joel Mains, a Downers Grove firefighter and paramedic.

In the 71st House District, Republican challenger Jim Wozniak faces incumbent Democrat Mike Smiddy, who has served in the legislature since 2013.

John Anthony has served in Illinois' 75th House District since 2013. He is a former Kendall County Sheriff's Deputy. He faces Martha Shugart, a registered nurse from Morris.

Frank Mautino has served as a lawmaker since 1991. He faces Republican Jerry Lee Long, a truck driver from Streator. He's also a longtime member of the Teamsters union.

In the 97th House District, former House Minority Leader Tom Cross decided not to run for the office again. instead opting to run for Illinois Treasurer. Both parties have contributed a great deal of money in this race, seen as an opportunity for Democrats to pick up a seat long held by a Republican.