Illinois Supreme Court To Hear Oral Arguments In Ottawa

May 20, 2014

Illinois Supreme Court Justices are packing their robes and gavels and heading west. For only the second time since 1897, the state’s high court will hear oral arguments somewhere other than Springfield or Chicago. The court will convene to hear two cases Wednesday in Ottawa. 

According to the Illinois State Bar Association, the Court will be hearing oral arguments in the cases of People v. Smith and Keating v. City of Chicago. People v. Smith deals with a firearms enhancement sentencing law. Keating v. City of Chicago is a constitutional challenge to Chicago's red light traffic camera program.

The Court has been meeting in Chicago while renovations are completed on the Springfield location.

Supreme Court spokesman Joe Tybor says this is a chance to remove some of the mystery that surrounds the high court:

Credit Illinois Supreme Court

 The seven justices will hear oral arguments in two separate cases Wednesday at the courthouse in Ottawa.