Keller update: accused killer will give DNA sample

Sycamore, IL –
The man accused of killing a Northern Illinois University student was back in court Tuesday. Appearing through a video feed, 34-year-old William Curl of DeKalb sat and watched as his public defender agreed to her client submitting a D-N-A sample. It was requested by prosecutors in a recent court filing. In that motion, the state's attorney's office mentioned how Curl described to police some elements of the alleged murder of freshman art student Toni Keller. The motion did not provide any specific details about how Keller died. It DID contain statements from the suspect about clothing items he was wearing at the time of the murder and his inability to remove blood stains.

Police have said they found some clothing items believed to belong to Curl, and prosecutors are hoping the D-N-A sample will provide a positive match. Police say it could take about two or three weeks to get those results. They say it could be another month...or maybe longer...for forensic experts to positively identify badly burned human remains believed to be those of the victim. Those remains were found in an off-campus park shortly after Keller was reported missing.

Curl's next court date is scheduled for December 9th.