LaSalle County Issues Voluntary Evacuation, Rising Floodwaters

Dec 30, 2015

The LaSalle County city of Marseilles has issued a voluntary evacuation because of rising floodwaters.

Emergency officials don’t expect the river to rise to levels that would require a mandatory evacuation. But under their flood plans, once the Illinois River hits flood stage, 19 feet, people in areas damaged by floods in 2013 are advised to leave their homes. Or at least keep a close eye on the rising water.

They were notified by automated phone messages.

Mandatory evacuations kick in when the river reaches 22 feet at the Morris Dam, but it’s not forecast to get that high.

Some businesses have closed as well as parts of Starved Rock State Park because of projected flooding. Other communities along the Illinois River are under a flood warning until further notice.

In April of 2013, Marseilles was hit with its worst flooding ever because of torrential rains and loose barges ramming into a dam.