Lawsuit filed against Illinois campaign finance law

Jul 26, 2012

A conservative political group is suing to overturn contribution limits on Illinois election campaigns.

The heart of the case boils down to the different contribution limits imposed on individuals and organizations on the one hand, and the Democratic and Republican parties on the other.

The case was brought by the Illinois Liberty Political Action Committee, a conservative campaign fundraising group. Liberty PAC's Dan Proft says for both major parties, Illinois gives too much campaign spending power to leaders of the House and Senate.

"It's just another mechanism, another scheme, by which the political ruling class in Springfield attempts to game the system for their benefit and everybody else's detriment" Proft said.

It took years to get any limit on donations in Illinois. They're new for the 2012 election.

David Morrison, with the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, says undoing caps for everyone is not the answer.

"Plaintiffs in this suit I think are completely off their rocker if they think that we're in better shape if private donors are allowed to give unlimited amounts to candidates for public office" Morrison said.

Morrison says courts have upheld limits when there's a risk of corruption. And in Illinois, he says that risk is clear.