Lawsuit Filed In Response To Wedron Groundwater Case

Jan 24, 2014

Wedron, IL

A lawsuit has been filed in connection with a toxic water investigation in northern Illinois.

The suit was filed by a California law firm, which is representing dozens of residents in the town of Wedron. The EPA has been investigating contaminated groundwater there, after a number of private wells tested positive for elevated levels of benzene.

The plaintiff's attorneys are working in conjunction with famed-environmentalist Erin Brockovich. She and her team visited the town last year to discuss the matter.

They accuse several companies, namely Fairmount Minerals, of causing the contamination and creating health risks for local residents. Fairmount operates a sand-mining facility in Wedron. The law firm issued a statement on the lawsuit:

Girardi Keese filed this case to address serious concerns for the Wedron community. Investigations confirm the presence of benzene and other volatile organic compounds in the groundwater. This type of dangerous groundwater contamination needs to be addressed immediately so that members of the Wedron community can have some peace of mind and so that their families are not continually exposed to these toxic chemicals. The community's use of their private well water should not be tarnished with any fear for themselves, their family members, or their neighbors. We have decades of experience in these type of toxic tort cases and we are here to help the people of Wedron get to the truth and get a solution.

Meanwhile, WNIJ reached out to Fairmount Minerals for a response. But it says it does not comment on pending litigation.