Leadership Styles Emerge In GOP Gubernatorial Debate

Feb 28, 2014

We’re getting a better idea of how the Republican candidates for Illinois governor would use their power if elected.

Venture capitalist Bruce Rauner has said repeatedly that he’d model his time as governor after Indiana’s former Republican Governor - Mitch Daniels.

Upper left: Bill Brady. Upper right: Kirk Dillard. Lower left: Bruce Rauner. Lower right: Dan Rutherford

"Mitch Daniels used executive order to take on the power of the special interests inside Indiana state government. We have the ability to do similar things here in Illinois," Rauner said.

One of Rauner’s opponents - State Senator Bill Brady - calls that thinking naive.

"Look at the catastrophe it’s created in Washington, D.C. with Barack Obama dictating by executive order. Mr. Rauner thinks he can do that in Springfield because he doesn’t have the experience," Brady said.

Brady defended his 20-year tenure in Springfield.

Treasurer Dan Rutherford mocked one of Rauner’s campaign slogans.

"You don’t go down there with the attitude that you’re gonna hammer and shake things up," Rutherford said.

State Senator Kirk Dillard said he’s worked across the aisle before when he worked for former Republican Governor Jim Edgar.