Lincoln Highway: The Father Road

Aug 29, 2013

Credit Dan Libman

This Labor Day, 89.5 WNIJ presents a one-hour special commemorating America's first transnational highway.  The Lincoln Highway was dedicated 100 years ago this October. Nearly 6000 miles long in its entirety, it stretches from New York City to San Fransisco. It might not be as famous as the so-called "Mother Road," Route 66; but 66 isn't as long, and its terminal cities - Chicago and Santa Monica - are no longer connected by a single highway like Lincoln Highway is. In this one-hour special, WNIJ's Dan Klefstad marks the Highway's centennial with music, poetry...and a bike tour. We also visit a crossroad in Iowa where the Lincoln meets another highway that's a century old: the Jefferson. Listen for Lincoln Highway: The Father Road at 2pm Monday, on 89-5, WNIJ.