Medical Marijuana Growers Could Apply For Illinois Permits Soon

Jul 15, 2014

Qualifying patients are a step closer to getting medical marijuana in Illinois. 

Credit Caveman 92223 / Flickr

Without discussion Illinois’ Joint Committee on Administrative Rules approved regulations for the medical marijuana pilot program. But first buyers and sellers need to apply with various state agencies.

Still, Representative Lou Lang, a Democrat from Skokie, says it might not be until 2015 before patients can legally use marijuana for treatment.

While the patients are the most important part of this. Their licenses and their permits to purchase the product aren’t quite necessary yet and so it’s important that these other parts be rolled out as quickly as possible.

Lang says at the very least, the state will carefully consider an applicant’s security plan.

Not only security of the product, but security of the people working there, security for customers and patients. Security for the cash, security for the IT systems.

The first round of patients are expected to begin registering for certification in September. Lang says the state still needs to approve how they’ll vet business applicants. He estimates potential growers and distributors could start applying for a limited number of permits as soon as the next 30 days.

The 4-year pilot program is due to expire in 2017.