More Training Possible for New Drivers

Oct 9, 2012

There's speculation some teenagers put off getting their drivers licenses until they're 18 to avoid Illinois' graduated drivers license program.  There's a chance those young motorists would be required to get more training in the future too.

Getting a drivers license at age 16 entails taking class, and racking up lots of hours behind the wheel with a parent. But wait a couple of years, and a teen can bypass many of the provisional restrictions. Basically all they have to do is pass a drivers' test and they can get a license. Secretary of State Jesse White's concerned that leads to inexperienced drivers on Illinois' roads. He's considering additional training:

"It could be online computer training, it could be ... reading a book ... it could be a multitude of things ... to make sure these individuals have received the kind of training that they need in order to navigate properly on our roads."     

                                 - Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White

White says he's looking into the extra training for drivers between the ages of 18 and 21, though he says there's a possibility of extending it to age 25.

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Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky contributed to this report