Moth Interrupted: Treatment Scheduled To Disrupt Gypsy Moth Mating

Jun 24, 2014

The Illinois Department of Agriculture plans to treat nearly 38,000 acres in northern Illinois next week for the destructive gypsy moth.  

Credit IL Dept. of Agriculture

Infested sites will receive an application of pheromone, which disrupts the mating of the moth.  The pheromone will be aerially-applied beginning Monday, June 30.  Affected counties include Boone, Kane, LaSalle, Stephenson, and Winnebago.

According to a news release, the gypsy moth is a non-native pest that feasts on more than 250 species of trees and shrubs, but prefers oak leaves.  Severe defoliation can cause tree death.

Funding for the treatments comes from the Slow the Spread program, a joint local, state and federal effort to reduce and control the spread of the Gypsy Moth.