N. Illinois Lawyers Prepare for Cameras

Apr 17, 2012

The head of the Illinois' largest organization for lawyers says the group supports allowing cameras in courtrooms. Illinois has been one of only 14 states where cameras were limited or prohibited in trial courtrooms. The Illinois Supreme Court approved a pilot program allowing media coverage in January.  John Locallo is President of the Illinois State Bar Association.  Speaking in Freeport, he says the new policy is another step toward transparency/

"To the extent that there are errors made, whether it's by the media or by lawyers in this pilot program I view that as an opportunity so that we can learn to correct it before this becomes a statewide program." 

Media must request coverage two weeks in advance of a scheduled proceeding.  The new rules allow for no more than 2 video cameras and no more than 2 photographers, encouraging outlets to share equipment. Cameras will not be allowed in juvenile, divorce, adoption, and child custody cases.