New Dixon Council Revisits Plans For Crundwell Funds

Jun 3, 2015

Dixon city leaders are working on specifics of how to allocate millions of dollars recovered from the Rita Crundwell scandal. The former city treasurer is behind bars for embezzling $53 million over more than two decades.

Credit Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Sauk Valley Media: Dixon Council Shuffles More Crundwell Dollars

Earlier this week, newly elected council members voted to repeal approval of some initiatives from the previous council. That includes money for many one-time expenses, like Christmas decorations and a boat docks project. They may revisit those topics later.

According to Sauk Valley Media reporter Brenden West, the new leadership has made it clear they want to take a fresh look at the best use of the money.

"It's not necessarily a tone like 'we disagree with what so-and-so thought we should do with these funds,' West explains. "It's more like 'we are five different people looking at a budget we didn't create, so we are going to take a step back and take ownership of this budget.' "

He reports the new council ratified several resolutions related to the Crundwell money. Nearly $5.2 million remains.

The council approved reallocating $25,000 of the Crundwell dollars toward addressing city nuisances in case Dixon needs to litigate a demolition matter.