NIU Announces Charges Against Fraternity

Dec 17, 2012

Northern Illinois University has announced pending judicial charges for the NIU chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and 31 individual students from the fraternity who are facing charges of violating NIU's Student Code of Conduct stemming from the death of freshman David Bogenberger.

The university issued a news release providing the news of the charges and background on the incident. 

According to the release, Bogenberger was found dead  Nov. 2, 2012, at the Pike fraternity house in DeKalb. According to a DeKalb police department press release, toxicology results from the DeKalb County Coroner indicated “a highly-elevated blood alcohol content about five times the legal limit.” DeKalb police indicated alcohol intoxication significantly contributed to the cardiac arrhythmia that apparently caused Bogenberger’s death.

The university says on Friday, Dec. 7, the Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct issued charges alleging that the fraternity was responsible for an off-campus hazing incident. Pi Kappa Alpha has received a temporary sanction removing them as a recognized student organization. The university is moving forward with organizational sanctions which may impact their permanent status as a recognized student organization.