NIU Hired Law Firm To Investigate Past Administrators

Aug 30, 2012

New details have emerged regarding the recent departure of two administrators at Northern Illinois University. The school hired a Sycamore law firm to investigate unspecified allegations against the two employees. The findings were presented to the employees in July, shortly before they signed separation agreements. 

NIU spokesman Paul Palian couldn't address the specific nature of the findings. But he told WNIJ news the allegations in the report are not connected to the so-called "coffee fund" probe.

"At the point of the administrators' departure, there was no evidence of any involvement in the coffee fund" Palian said.

However, NIU police are still trying to determine if school employees engaged in misconduct by selling university property to a scrap metal company. Proceeds from the sales were deposited into an alleged secret fund. The university has said the former administrators could face consequences, if the police investigation establishes a connection between them and the coffee fund.   

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