NIU Made Profit From Orange Bowl

Apr 25, 2013

NIU's Convocation Center turns orange during a pep rally before the Orange Bowl on Jan. 1
Credit Jenna Dooley / WNIJ

Northern Illinois University athletic officials have reported a $253,780 profit from the Jan. 1 Orange Bowl in Florida. The MAC conference distributed $1.3 million. Expenses for NIU totaled around $1 million.

Donna Turner, NIU Associate Athletic Director for Communications, says there was a net gain due to the agreements made with the Mid-American Conference and the effective management of expenses.

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Football team travel $511,068

Band/Cheer travel $218,060

Staff travel $128,555

Football equipment $76,681

Media/Marketing $64,611

Football home expenses $34,637

Staff equipment: $19,727

Hospitality $13,144

Athletic training/nutrition $4,710

Office Supplies $1,129