NIU Pays Out 200K In Paid Leave Costs

Feb 28, 2013

Police Chief Don Grady continued to draw a salary after he was placed on leave in November.  His salary at the time was around $205,987.92. Grady and another officer were accused of withholding evidence in a sexual assault case. The charges for that case were initially dropped, but have been re-filed.

Credit NIU

Grady was fired last week. The other officer, Lt. Kartik Ramakrishnan,  is still on paid leave. Until Grady's termination, the two made approximately $79,081.45  while on leave. This information was obtained using a Freedom of Information Act request.

Last summer, NIU placed eight employees on paid leave for the so-called coffee fund case. They are accused of misusing university funds from the sale of scrap metal. Six have since returned to the job. The university paid around $136,655.25 during their time off the job. 

Still on paid leave:

Kenneth Pugh

Lawrence Murray

Lt. Kartik Ramakrishnan

The total expenditures made by Northern Illinois University for the paid administrative leave for Kenneth Pugh, Lawrence Murray, Keith Jackson, Michael Hall, Joseph Alberti, Keenon Darlinger, Mark Beaird, and Susan Zahm  is approximately $136,655,25 in salary costs.

The total expenditures made by NIU for paid administrative leave for Mr. Grady and Mr. Ramakrishnan equals approximately $79,081.45 in salary costs.

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