NIU's President Baker Shaking The Organizational Tree

Oct 11, 2013

Northern Illinois University's new president is putting his mark on the school's organizational charts. President Doug Baker announced a number of leadership changes at the university today.

Credit NIU

Baker says the changes will help every department at NIU get better aligned with the overall goal: student career success. He stresses the importance of international partnerships, so has created the position of Vice President of International Affairs. Current provost Ray Alden will move into that post.

Baker is also creating a new top financial position, separating oversight of financial matters from other university functions. An interim Chief Financial Officer will be appointed soon, and a national search will ensue.

A new position will head a new division, Information Technology Services. The Chief Information Officer will report directly to President Baker.

The organizational changes are intended to increase collaboration and integration within both the academic and operations sides of the university. President Baker details all of the changes in a letter sent to university employees and posted on NIU's website.