Northern Public Radio's Interim Director Made Permanent

Oct 22, 2012

Northern Public Radio’s interim Director and General Manager is now permanent.  Staci Hoste succeeds Tim Emmons, who died last February.  She’ll continue to lead WNIJ, Classical WNIU and NIRIS, a reading service for the visually impaired.  Hoste joined the organization in 2008 as its Development Director, or chief fundraiser.  She says raising money will remain a priority for her.

"Knowing the state of the economy and knowing that our funding sources have continued to erode, both from state and proceeding with that in mind will be important over the next handful of years.”

- Staci Hoste

Hoste’s concerns about funding are shared by her boss, Anne Kaplan.  Dr. Kaplan heads NIU’s Division for Outreach, Engagement & Information Technologies.  She says Northern Public Radio will benefit from Hoste’s connections in the community, and her other attributes:

“She’s a very outgoing person, she’s very warm.  She works very hard.  She seems to actually like moving all around the region.  I’ve watched her act, and I like what I see.”

- Anne Kaplan

Kaplan and Hoste say they hope to fill the vacant Development Director position during the next few months.

** WNIJ is owned by, and licensed to, Northern Illinois University **