Oregon Uses Song To Sell Health Insurance

Aug 2, 2013
Originally published on August 2, 2013 3:59 pm

Oregon is launching a $3.2 million campaign to try to attract young people to sign up for the new health insurance exchange.

Under the Affordable Care Act, exchanges need to be set up by October 1 to begin to enroll uninsured residents.

Oregon’s TV ads feature local musicians playing songs about Oregon with no mention of health insurance or the exchange.

The website is shown at the end of the ads. Officials say the hipster ads are an introduction to the exchanges.

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And we have a quick program note. By October 1st, states are supposed to have their health exchanges up and running to enroll tens of thousands of uninsured residents, a major part of Obamacare. States have launched ad campaigns. Oregon's features local musicians wandering through bucolic scenes of kayakers and hikers. Here's Portland's Laura Gibson.


LAURA GIBSON: (Singing) I'll sing for the place that my heart has called home, where the salty sea air meets the cold mountain snow, where I'm free to be healthy and happy and strong, and live long in Oregon.

YOUNG: And you don't know what it's about until you get to the end and you see the website coveroregon.org. Well, next week, we'll take a look across the country. Where are we on the health exchanges? That's next week. When we come back, Olympic skater Johnny Weir on a proposal to boycott the Russian Olympics. But first, more of Laura. HERE AND NOW.


GIBSON: (Singing) Each logger and lawyer and stay-at-home dad, every baker and banker and indie rock band, each student and teacher... Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.