Pension Deadline Passes Without Resolution

Jul 10, 2013

Credit Illinois Public Radio

Governor Pat Quinn had harsh criticism for a bipartisan panel of legislators assigned to draft a new plan to reduce the state's pension costs. He wanted legislation passed Tuesday. Lawmakers say they're close, but still need more time.

Quinn was quick to criticize lawmakers' failure to pass pension legislation in time to meet his July 9th due date.

"Well, I think they let the people of Illinois down, they let the taxpayers down" Quinn said.

And he kept going.

"We don't need any more excuses, we don't need any more alibis. They have a deadline" Quinn added.

Senate President John Cullerton offered this response.

"Look it, we all know that the pension bill that we're contemplating voting on doesn't have an effective date until next year" Cullerton said.

Cullerton says much as legislators want to pass a pension overhaul, it's complicated.

"We passed a bill, we're not lazy. We passed a bill with two-thirds vote. The House passed a bill, they're not lazy. We just didn't have an agreement cause it's so complicated. And so it's going to take awhile" Cullerton said.

When asked about consequences for failing to meet the deadline, Quinn did not dispel the rumor he might use his veto powers to cancel legislators' salaries.