Powder In Envelope Sends 15 to Hospitals in Beloit

Apr 17, 2013

15 people were hospitalized and dozens of others detained after an envelope containing powder was delivered to a Beloit health clinic.

  Employees of the Beloit Area Community Health Center called 911 this morning after three people who handled the envelope felt a burning sensation in their eyes and noses. 15 people were sent to area hospitals as a precaution. More than 50 were quarantined at the clinic, but were allowed to leave late this afternoon, according to Beth Jacobsen, assistant to Beloit’s city manager.

A man delivered the envelope containing a mysterious powder to the clinic this morning. He has been described as a thin man, possibly in his 50s, with gray hair and a gray beard. He is believed to be a patient at the clinic.

The Wisconsin National Guard is assisting and is testing the powder. The Beloit Daily News reports tests show the powder is not a biological threat. It is now being tested to see if it is a chemical threat.