Proposal Would Allow AP Students To Opt Out Of Gym

Feb 17, 2015

High-achieving students may have a way to get out of taking gym class.

Illinois Senator Pamela Althoff wants to allow school boards to exempt students from physical education if they are taking two or more Advanced Placement, or AP, classes.


Althoff, a Republican from McHenry, says it will help students be more competitive when applying for college, especially to out-of-state schools.

"Their focus was on making sure their children had access to honors classes so that they can be competitive, and that they were forced to take a gym class when most of these kids are involved in extracurricular activities, or traveling teams or things of that nature."

Advocates for the current P.E. requirements say students' health and well-being improves when they take gym class.

Illinois is one of only a few states that requires four years of high school gym class.