Quinn Calls For Review Of Military Licensing

Feb 11, 2013

Military medical training doesn't always meet the requirements for civilian licenses. A recent change in Illinois policy is intended to help. Governor Pat Quinn last week signed an executive order giving state agencies about three months to see which professional licenses are eligible.

Erica Borggren, Director, Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs
Credit state of Illinois

Illinois' director of Veterans' Affairs, Erica Borggren,  says the current transfer method is too complicated.

"Normally when the licensing agency is looking at a training program, they'll just ask a community college 'What's your textbook?' But when it comes to assessing military training, they've got to take a look at the military-specific syllabi." - Erica Borggren

Borggren also says the changes could lead to universities and community colleges expanding the credits service members receive for their military training. It's open to people on active duty and those who have left the armed forces in the last two years.

Illinois Public Radio's Chris Slaby contributed to this report