Quinn lays out drought-relief plan for farmers

Jul 17, 2012

More than two dozen Illinois counties have received disaster designations because of the ongoing drought.
And the state’s stepping in to help deal with the loss of crops. Governor Pat Quinn toured a farm in Jefferson County in Southern Illinois on Monday.  It’ been hit hard by a lack of rain.

"They’ve never seen anything like this. We were trying to find an ear of corn. We finally found one. It was about four inches long and it looked like something you’d put in a salad." - Governor Pat Quinn

Quinn announced that farmers could be eligible for state and federal help.  They can now apply for funds to help feed livestock, and they can ask to restructure existing debt. Quinn says the state is doing all it can.

State water officials consider the first half of 2012 to be Illinois’ sixth driest on record.


"He didn't tell the farmers anything that they didn't already know.  I mean those programs have been in place for years." -  Republican Senator John O. Jones

How to Apply

Farmers can visit a new website, drought.illinois.gov, to find programs like how to apply for an expedited loan.

Web extra: U.S. Drought Monitor