Quinn On Metra: "Complete Paralysis Of Governance"

Sep 4, 2013

A panel created by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to suggest reforms at Chicago area transit agencies met for the first time Tuesday. The group will send its initial recommendations to Quinn next month. Members of the Northeastern Illinois Public Transit Task Force include former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Quinn created the task force after the resignation of Metra's CEO in July. Alex Clifford cited pressure to make political hires. Quinn says he wants the committee to address several issues:

Credit flickr / amtrak_russ / Creative Commons

"There's a lack of oversight, a lack of accountability, an inability to remove directors when needed, there's a lack of ethical standards that are applied that are important for all of us as taxpayers to make sure our public bodies adhere to, questionable compensation, and really, in the case ofMetra, a complete paralysis of governance." - Governor Pat Quinn

The panel will issue recommendations to be considered by the General Assembly for the veto and spring sessions. The task force will submit a final report in January 2014.