Quinn Quiet On Concealed Carry Measure

Jun 24, 2013

Gov. Pat Quinn spoke with reporters Wednesday in the Capitol after the Illinois legislature adjourned its special session on pensions.
Credit Brian Mackey / Illinois Public Radio

Time is running out for Illinois to pass a law allowing people to carry loaded firearms in public. The deadline is July 9. The conversation in Springfield has shifted from whether Governor Pat Quinn will veto the legislation to when he might do so.

Asked about it last week, after his special session on pensions, Quinn was non-committal: 

"That bill is a complex one, and it deserves full and complete review -- deals with public safety -- and that's going on as we speak." -Governor Pat Quinn

Some predict Quinn is leaning toward vetoing or re-writing it. They include House Speaker Mike Madigan:

"My expectation is that the governor will take some action on that bill, which in a certain sense is designed to advance his campaign for reelection." -Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

It wouldn't be the first time Quinn used his veto power to urge stricter gun-control laws. After the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater last summer, Quinn rewrote a bill to try to impose an assault-weapons ban. That was rejected by lawmakers.

Illinois Public Radio's Brian Mackey contributed to this report.