Quinn Reacts to Concealed Carry Ruling

Dec 13, 2012

Governor Pat Quinn has renewed his call for a ban on so-called assault weapons. His remarks came in response to a federal court decision that says Illinois has to legalize carrying concealed weapons. The federal appeals court in Chicago says Illinois has 180 days to pass a law that allows for some form of concealed carry.

Quinn focused on the last sentence of the court's opinion, which allows a new gun law to impose "reasonable limitations" consistent with public safety and the U.S. Constitution.

"We are not going to have people marching along Michigan Avenue -- or any other avenue in the state of Illinois -- with military style assault weapons, weapons that are designed to kill people." - Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

 The governor also wants to exclude people with mental health problems or a history of domestic violence from carrying loaded firearms.

He says he'll leave it to Attorney General Lisa Madigan to decide whether to appeal the court decision.

In the meantime, Quinn says his administration will be reviewing concealed carry laws in other states. Every other state has at least some form of concealed carry on the books.

Illinois Public Radio's Brian Mackey contributed to this report