Quinn signs consumer protection and privacy-related bills

Jul 25, 2012

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has signed two new consumer protection laws. One focuses on risky home loans and the other is aimed at preventing debtors from being unfairly sent to jail.

Quinn signed the measures Wednesday at an event in Chicago.

The governor says the laws will protect Illinois families from predatory lenders and abusive bill collectors. The law setting limits on the fees and penalties on home loans goes into effect January 1.

The law restricting the way creditors can use the courts to collect debts goes into effect immediately. 

Privacy bill

On Tuesday, the governor signed a bill that will make it easier for police to secretly record drug suspects.

The new law takes effect January 1. It says police can seek permission from a prosecutor if they want to eavesdrop on a suspect.

The current law says police must get approval from a judge for such activity.