Quinn Signs Minimum Wage Ballot Question

Jun 23, 2014

Credit League of Women Voters

Voters will get to weigh in on whether Illinois should raise its minimum wage for adults to $10 an hour. Governor Pat Quinn approved the ballot question Sunday. And he wasted no time campaigning on the issue.

The question is just advisory — lawmakers don’t have to heed the people’s advice — but supporters of the increase say they hope it’ll pressure reluctant legislators to go along.

Critics say this is a ploy to get more Democrats to the polls — since turnout tends to be lower in non-presidential election years.

Unlikely to allay those concerns was Gov. Quinn’s signing ceremony, which sounded like a campaign rally.

“You know, when people work from paycheck to paycheck, they ought to have a decent paycheck to support their family on. That’s what our movement’s all about,” Quinn said.

Within minutes, Quinn's campaign sent out two e-mail blasts, including one soliciting donations.
Voters could be confronted with as many as seven referenda on this November’s ballot.

Republican challenger Bruce Rauner says he'd be open to raising the wage under the right circumstances.