Rock Run Finally Gets Highway Commissioner

Jun 25, 2013

Credit Stephenson County

A northern Illinois township finally has a Highway Commissioner, but there is still work ahead.

Rock Run Township is northeast of Freeport, in Stephenson County. In April, voters elected Joe Boyer for Highway Commissioner. He handily beat the incumbent even though he unexpectedly died a month before the election.

The Township board has been trying to find a fitting replacement in another Democrat. This month, members chose Shawn Schaaf, but there was some concern since he didn’t have an established voting record. The solution? Township Board member Mark Highland turned in his resignation as Trustee, and was appointed to officially serve as Highway Commissioner. Schaaf will actually perform the day to day activities of that job until he can become eligible for appointment. That will probably be after next spring’s primary when he can cast a democratic ballot.

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Rock Run Township Supervisor Ray Bordner said he wanted the decision to appoint Schaaf to be above board:

“I think the board represented the majority of the voters feelings very well. We spent a lot of time out talking to the public,” said Bordner

That outcome means the board’s work is not over yet.  Members have 60 days to replace Highland as Trustee.