Rockford artist Jim Julin, 1956 - 2012

Jul 23, 2012

Rockford artist and craftsman Jim Julin died Sunday night after a short illness. 

Julin was known for his sculptures made from reclaimed materials, such as hardwood and animal horns. Some of his work has been very visible in Rockford, including a giant chair in front of the Riverfront Museum Park, “fire and ice” sculptures during New Year’s Eve festivals, and much of Anderson Japanese Gardens.  Julin was also a fixture in downtown Rockford and promoted the arts in his hometown. He was 56. 

Services are pending. Friends and fans have been leaving flowers at some of his public sculptures in Rockford. This year's Greenwich Village Art Fair (September 15 - 16) has been dedicated to "the creativity and kindness of Rockford artist Jim Julin."

(Added 7/27/12)

A memorial service for Julin will be held August 25th at 5:30 at the Rockford Art Museum. This Saturday, July 27th, a more informal celebration and benefit for his family will be held at Octane, 124 N. Main Street in Rockford, starting at 8:00 pm.

Jim Julin died during a short hospital stay, where it was discovered he was in the late stages of cancer.