Rockford College Changing Name

Oct 3, 2012

Rockford College trustees have approved changing the institution's name to Rockford University.  According to the school's website, work to fully complete the transition will be taking place from now until July 1, 2013 and the school will proceed with submitting all formal petitions for university designation to the State of Illinois and all accrediting agencies.

The website address and mascot are not expected to change.

Cost of Change
You can read Rockford College's complete FAQ regarding the name change.  The website does not expect extraordinary costs associated with the name change.  According to the college:

  • Existing supplies of stationery will be used. If additional quantities are needed, amounts can be closely estimated to match the timeline for transition that is in place.
  • The majority of  publications and recruitment pieces have a shorter shelf life so updates to those items can be planned as now as part of their normal production schedules.
  • Athletic uniforms and other items are replaced regularly. Any necessary changes can be incorporated into their existing replacement schedules.
  • Many of the signs on campus were already identified for replacement due to wear or because of location changes that have already been taken place. The cost of replacement for larger signage items will be worked into the existing budgeting processes and completed as soon as possible
  • It will take some time for a complete transition to take place and you will still see Rockford College on some items.

Founded in 1847, Rockford College is an independent, coeducational, liberal arts institution located in Rockford.