Rockford official keeps two elected seats while awaiting law change

Apr 10, 2012

The Illinois Attorney General's office says an elected official in northern Illinois has to decide between two jobs.  But Ted Biondo won't give up any elected seat while state lawmakers consider changing a law that would make it legal for him to hold two offices. 

In a non-binding opinion, the attorney general says Ted Biondo can't serve on the Winnebago County Board and the Rock Valley College Board simultaneously.  Saying it violated Illinois statute, a group of R-V-C students and faculty asked Biondo to resign from his trustee position.  Current law limits a "dual-office" position to counties with populations of 40-thousand or less.  There's pending legislation in Springfield to eliminate the threshold: Biondo says he will stay on both boards until lawmakers decide on it. The State Senate has already approved the bill.