Rockford Officials Remind Residents Of Burning Rules

Oct 11, 2013

Rockford officials are reminding residents it is illegal to burn leaves. Property owners are also responsible to make sure storm inlets are free of leaves. Residents can dispose of yard waste on their regular garbage pick-up day in city approved containers.

Credit flickr / FuLinHyu

According to a news release, the burning of trash, rubbish, yard waste, or construction materials is never allowed within the city limits. The current fire code allows recreational fires for cooking purposes. 

  • An outdoor fire, burning materials other than rubbish, with a total fire area of 3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height for cooking food for human consumption.

Campfires are not allowed inside the city limits of Rockford. The Rockford Fire Department Fire Prevention Division provides the following guidelines to citizens on recreational fires: 

  • Ensure that the definition of a recreational fire is met (fire is only for cooking food).
  • Limit the size of the recreational fire to no larger than approximately 2’ x 2’ x 2’ using seasoned, dry firewood only.
  • Burn at a reasonable hour (no later than 10:30 – 11:00 PM) and for a reasonable length of time (less than 3 hours).
  • Check with all neighbors (courtesy and health or environmental issues).
  • Have a hose or fire extinguisher present to extinguish the fire.
  • Consider weather conditions (wind, dry conditions, etc.)
  • If a complaint is received and any of the above conditions are violated, the fire will be extinguished and the report forwarded to Fire Prevention for legal action.

 The city has reported more than forty citations since January 1, 2013. Fines start at $150.00 and can be has high as $500.00.