Schock Fundraising Under Further Review

Feb 7, 2013

The Office of Congressional Ethics wants a further review of an alleged fundraising violation involving Congressman Aaron Schock.  The House Ethics Committee says its continuing to review a complaint against Schock that alleges he sought a $25,000 donation for a super PAC to help fellow Representative Adam Kinzinger in a primary election. 


A report from the office says the request was five times more than what’s allowed to raise for a super PAC.  Schock says he believes the complaint is without merit:

"I have no idea when the process will be complete, but I stand by my earlier comments which are that I don't believe I did anything wrong, the legal counsel that we sought doesn't believe I did anything wrong, and at the end of the day we think the House committee will find the same thing." -Aaron Schock

The report also says southern Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis helped manage money in the super PAC and refused to tell investigators if Schock asked for excessive political contributions.  It’s unclear when the House Ethics Committee will make a decision on the complaint.  

Illinois Public Radio's Alex Rusciano contributed to this report