School District Considers Random Drug Tests

Oct 10, 2013

A northern Illinois school district is considering random drug testing for students in extracurricular activities. While the effort was originally aimed at combating a specific problem, it does come amid a spike in heroin deaths. 

 The Naperville School District is kicking around the idea of implementing a system that would impose these mandatory random drug tests on students at the high school level.     Before they make a recommendation to the school board, administration officials say they need to look at several complicating factors, including any legal roadblocks. They also continue to research whether similar programs in other districts have been effective.     The state board of education says it doesn't offer any guidance on this particular issue. A spokeswoman also says they don't track how many districts across the state that have adopted such programs.    When the idea was first proposed, the district cited rampant marijuana use within its schools. But its timing also coincides with this summer's rash of heroin deaths in Naperville. Surrounding communities have also been struggling to combat heroin use amongst teens and young adults.