School District Consolidation

Apr 20, 2012

Some northern Illinois school districts are part of voluntary downsizing efforts identified in a commission's report that was issued this week. 

The Classrooms First Commission released its initial findings on ways for school districts to save money.  The panel said the governor's desire to allow for forced consolidation among districts wouldn't be a money saver.  But the report said more needs to be done to encourage voluntary consolidation. 

At least 40 districts were pursing such plans within the past year. 

Among them is the Leepertown School District in Bureau County.  Plans were approved earlier this year to dissolve the district.  Most of it will be absorbed by the Ladd School District, with a smaller portion moving into the Princeton Elementary District. 

Last fall, a similar plan was approved for the tiny Riverdale School District.  Starting in July, it's students will be part of the Rock Falls Elementary School District.