Sentencing Arguments In Jackson Case

Jun 17, 2013

Lawyers for Jesse Jackson Junior on Monday are expected to argue against prosecutors’ recommended prison sentences for the former Illinois Congressman and his wife.

The federal government wants to send former Chicago alderman Sandi Jackson to prison first for 18 months while the former Congressman stays with their two kids.

Prosecutors then want Jackson Junior to serve four years once his wife gets out.

The couple has already pleaded guilty to blowing 750-thousand campaign dollars on personal items - everything from groceries to fur coats.

Attorney Aaron Goldstein has defended other politicians charged with misconduct - such as Rod Blagojevich. Goldstein says he expects Jackson’s lawyers to bring up the ex-Congressman’s bi-polar disorder during sentencing.

"He has these mental health issues, and while it doesn’t excuse the conduct, in many ways it, explains why he didn’t make the best judgments in the world" Goldstein said.

Jackson’s lawyers have argued for a lenient sentence, saying the ex-Congressman requires “ongoing mental health treatment.”

Both Jacksons are set to be sentenced July third.