Slideshow: Rockford Deacon Adds Final Steps To Epic Walk

Jun 19, 2014

After walking from Rockford to the Washington National Cathedral, Lou Ness still had a few miles left in her.

Ness serves as director of Rockford's Shelter Care Ministries started walking April First after experiencing what she says was a spiritual call. She finished her trek over the weekend. Ness, who is also an Episcopal Deacon, took a few days to recover and compose letters to politicians telling them about the plight of poverty she witnessed on her journey.

Thursday morning, Ness thanked her supporters and set off for a final few miles from the Cathedral to the U.S. Capitol to deliver the letters to lawmakers about the personal stories of poverty she heard along the way.

Canon Missioner Patty Johnson washed Ness’ feet in a public display of appreciation for her efforts.