Some NIU Buildings Experience Leaks From Thunderstorm

May 12, 2016

The Kishwaukee River after the storm.
Credit Chase Cavanaugh

Last night’s thunderstorm resulted in water leaking into several structures at Northern Illinois University. 

One foot of water seeped into New Hall’s basement, which triggered a fire alarm and resulted in the building’s temporary evacuation.  NIU Spokesman Joe King says other areas were affected, but the damage was minor. 

"We also got a little bit of water in the basement of Neptune Hall, and then various spots on campus had some seepage get in under doors and things like that.  Also, overnight for about an hour, the phone system got knocked out by some lightning, but that was quickly brought up.  Other than that, we seem to have weathered the storm pretty well," he says.  

The National Weather Service reports that DeKalb received two and a half inches of rainfall from last night's storm.  As for NIU, King says the water has been dealt with and all buildings are safe to enter.