Stadelman And Cabello Win State Legislative Races

Nov 7, 2012

Democrats have retained control of the Illinois legislature. In Rockford, a State Senate seat long-held by a Republican went to a Democrat. And a Winnebago County Republican appointed to a State House seat holds on to it.

A former Rockford TV news anchor is on his way to the State Capitol. Democrat Steve Stadelman beat Republican Frank Gambino in the race for the State Senate in the 34th district, which covers much of the Rockford area. It was formerly held by Republican Dave Syverson, who was mapped out of his district by Democrats during redistricting. Stadelman says as a former journalist, he’ll take an independent approach in Springfield: he says he understands from day one that no party has all the answers and voters want everyone to work together.

Republican John Cabello will keep the state house seat he was appointed to when State Representative Dave Winters retired this year. Cabello beat Democrat Carl Wasco in the 68th district. He says he’s ready to act on the issues most important to his constituents. The big three? Income tax, business taxes, and concealed carry. Cabello says he is already working on several bills in those areas, including one to take away the rights of Chicago aldermen to carry guns…until they allow Chicago residents to do the same.