Thomson Federal Prison: New Warden Expected to Move On Hiring

Aug 19, 2014

Federal prison officials are getting closer to delivering the economic benefits promised to the tiny Mississippi river town of Thomson. 

Credit Thomson Correctional Center

Senator Dick Durbin and Representative Cheri Bustos met with the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Thomson Monday: they were introduced to newly-hired warden Donald Hudson. He’s nearing 25 years of working for the federal prison system, most recently as warden of a medium security prison in Pennsylvania.

Thomson State Prison was built 13 years ago, but was never fully opened. It was sold to the federal government last year. Representative Bustos says  she will continue to pursue funding and approvals for its renovations.

Warden Hudson can begin choosing his staff. The first phase of renovations will include hiring about 300 people.  Thomson prison will eventually hold about 19-hundred inmates.