Vallas Questions Effort For Term Limits

Apr 8, 2014

The Democratic candidate to be Illinois’ next Lieutenant Governor is skeptical about an effort to place term limits on state legislators.

Paul Vallas is the running mate of Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn.

Vallas says the governor supports term limits.

But he says the proposed constitutional changes would also include other issues not related to term limits.

That ballot initiative would also increase the number of State Representatives - and reduce the number of state senators.


"I am a little confused at, you know, the referendum also increases the size of one house and decreases the size of the other house. I mean, if you have a term limit debate, have a term limit debate. Up and down," Vallas said.

The Republican nominee for Illinois governor - Bruce Rauner - has given $600,000 to try to get the issue on the ballot.

A recent poll from Southern Illinois University shows 60 percent of registered voters support term limits for state lawmakers.