Winnebago County Begins Pollen Count

Apr 15, 2013

The Winnebago County Health Department's pollen count begins Monday, April 15. Reporting will continue until the first hard freeze this fall. The daily count consists of Mold spores, Tree, Grass and Weed pollen.

The pollen count report will be listed Monday through Friday (after 10:30 am) on the Winnebago County Health Department’s website. The pollen count is also recorded on the pollen count hotline at 815-720-4140.

Credit The National Allergy Bureau

Why count pollen?

A pollen count is a measurement of how much pollen is in the air. This count represents the concentration of all the pollen (or of one particular type, like ragweed) in the air in a certain area at a specific time.  It is expressed in grains of pollen per cubic meter over a 24 hour period.

The best location for a pollen sampler is on a rooftop, several stories from the ground (Winnebago County Health Department 2nd uses the second floor rooftop). Rooftop placement provides an open space away from direct exposure to nearby vegetation. Elevation of the sampler allows it to collect pollen from a larger surrounding area.

Pollen counts may be indicative of the symptoms experienced by a broad population. Several studies have shown that when the pollen counts increase, so do allergy symptoms in the allergic population. Pollen counts tend to be the highest early in the morning on warm, dry, breezy days and the lowest during chilly, wet periods. This count is useful as a general guide for when it may be wise for you to stay indoors and avoid contact with that pollen

-information from the Winnebago County Health Department