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04/23/2018: The cost of money

14 hours ago

We begin today with a number, a relatively simple number that brings with it meaning for everybody in this economy who has debt: 3 percent. That's the interest rate that the government's 10-year Treasury note is getting really close to, for the first time since January 2014. In isolation, it's not a huge deal, but in the context of the low-rate environment, it's really something. We'll start today by explaining all the hype.

(Markets Edition) The fiduciary rule — which says investment advisers and stockbrokers have to act in the best interest of their clients — is going away. We'll look at the standards that were previously in place, and what the Securities and Exchange Commission is pushing for now. Afterwards, we'll talk about one personal finance expert's decision to sue Facebook after he saw his image used in ads for get-rich-quick schemes. 

Net neutrality rollback begins

20 hours ago

Businesses, states, Democratic senators are mounting challenges to the FCC repeal of internet protections.

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