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Managing mental health in the midst of disaster

Dec 15, 2017

After a disaster, a major network of disaster counselors and mental health professional spring into action. Their task? Aid people with the sometimes long and invisible recovery that takes place following a traumatic event.

It could be after a natural disaster, like a hurricane or wildfire. Or a tragedy, like a mass shooting or crime. Either way, there's an important personal recovery that needs to take place — and people whose job it is to help.

Elizabeth Jameson sure hopes so.

“I'm a quadriplegic which means I can't use anything to navigate a wheelchair by myself,” said Jameson, who learned she had multiple sclerosis in her mid-30s. “I don't have the use of hand or arms, so I can't use a joystick to do anything with my power wheelchair.”

As companies from Uber to Ford to Tesla scramble to perfect self-driving car technology, others hope companies also set their sights elsewhere, on using that technology to create self-driving wheelchairs.

12/15/2017: Forget brunch, plan a dinner party

Dec 15, 2017

(Markets Edition) Republicans are still trying to hammer out the details of their tax overhaul, with some concerned about the expiration date for individual tax cuts and who will stay in the top tax bracket. Christopher Low, chief economist at FTN Financial, joined us to talk about how markets are feeling about it. According to them, this tax plan still seems to be on the path for passage, despite reservations from leaders in Congress.

Over the past year, powerful men in the U.S. have faced consequences over claims of sexual harassment in the workplace. But is there change going on in the rest of the world? Women across different national, ethnic and occupational lines are dealing with exploitation on the job.

After Purdue Pharma brought its blockbuster painkiller OxyContin to market in 1996, the company began an aggressive marketing push to convince doctors to start prescribing the drug for moderate pain, like arthritis.  

Purdue’s marketing efforts worked: Within five years, OxyContin became the most frequently prescribed brand name narcotic to treat moderate to severe pain in the country.