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Did you miss an essay from your favorite "Perspectives" writer? Want to hear it again?
Sessions From Studio A
Sessions From Studio A is a new, local program dedicated to showcasing regional and touring musicians, featuring performances recorded in our very own Studio A in DeKalb. The program presents genres of music ranging from folk to indie rock, blues, alternative country, Americana, world music and more, in a way that provides the listener with a live concert experience. Hosted by Carl Nelson, these performances are accompanied by interviews with the artists who discuss their inspirations, aspirations, and the stories behind their original songs.
Politics On Tap
This election cycle, we again wanted to go beyond our usual in-depth reports about the presidential candidates and the issues. So we invited author Dan Libman back to interview voters in the places they're most comfortable -- their neighborhood bars. The audio he returned with, and his essays below, reveal much about what's on voters' minds after they've had a beer or two. We invite you to share your comments on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet @WNIJnews. And please use #WNIJPoliticsOnTap.
Context Series
Northern Public Radio is pleased to present Context, a monthly live event designed to provide listeners with connections to the world in which they live.
Pass The Torch
Training a new generation of effective leaders often involves mentoring through a shared passion. It involves someone with a strong skill set who is willing to help someone else feel the spark.
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